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How to Repair MOV File on Windows?

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Requirements: Windows 2000, Vista,2003,2007,2008

A MOV file is a multimedia file format that is used to save movies or any other video files. The MOV file format is also the basis for MPEG- 4 format which is widely used in video sharing websites. MOV files are also referred as QuickTime format and are easy to play. Its advantage is that the video files are editable and you do not need to rewrite the whole codecs of videos files. MOV files may get corrupted or damaged because of adverse situation like improper ejection of memory card, interrupted transferring of files, alteration of file extension, etc. Whatever may be the reason, you cannot access MOV files once it gets corrupted. Sometimes, the MOV file will not play at all! In such case, you need to use MOV file repair software to repair your corrupted MOV files. You can also repair videos after error which occurs when you are playing MOV file by using this software.


Some of the common reasons due to which MOV videos may get corrupted are as follows:


  • Suppose you were recording a video using your camcorder. During the process, it was repeatedly showing battery low message. You just neglected that message and keep on shooting the video. After sometime, it suddenly turned off!!! When you charged its battery again and turned on the camcorder to view that video, it was displaying weird errors indicating that the MOV file is corrupt!!! What now??? Therefore, it is recommended that always fully charge the battery of your camcorder
  • There may be a situation that you were trying to open a video file in other format while your file is in MOV format. In such case your MOV videos may get corrupted. This is because of the inappropriate usage of MOV videos in video player application. If your MOV files are severely damaged then you can use the MOV file repair software.
  • Improper ejection of memory card from data card reader while you are transferring MOV files to your computer may corrupt your file due to partial data transfer process. It is one of the most common reasons that corrupts video file.
  • FFile extension alteration is one of the reasons for MOV file corruption if the alteration is not done properly. Suppose you are changing MOV file to any other extension manually or by using inappropriate third party application then your video file may get severely damaged. In such case if you want to repair your video file then you can use MOV Repair software.

You might have noticed that after taking this precautions, still you cannot save your files from corruption or your files gets severely damaged then do not panic, you can repair MOV video files using MOV file repair software, refer this page for details: a href="https://www.repairvideo.net/"> https://www.repairvideo.net/


TThe software provides you with exceptional repair features to fix your corrupted MOV files. It repairs smoothly and repair video files/a> that get corrupted due to data storage device failure, system crash, and file transfer.


TThis application has the ability to repair broken video file types such as MOV, M4V, MPG, AVI, XVID and DIVX and is comfortable to use and easy to repair, read more/a> about it here. This tool can also be used to repair high definition video files. It supports various brands of camera Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, Canon, etc. It can also repair the video files that is recorded with mobile phones, HD cameras. The MOV video repair tool is compatible with various operating systems such as windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 2007, 2008. To get more detail how to repair Canon digital camera MOV video file visit this link repairvideo.net/best-canon-mov-tool.html/a>

Follow the steps to repair MOV file format:

SStep 1:Download the software MOV Repair Tool in your windows operating system and install it.


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Requirements: Windows 2000, Vista,2003,2007,2008/p>


Step 2:When the window opens, click the option "Open" and then browse for the corrupted MOV file and click "Repair" option as shown in Fig 2


Fix MOV Video File - repairvideo-home-page


Fig 1:Repair Video Home Page


Step 3::After that the tool will start scanning to repair the corrupted MOV file as shown in Fig 3.


Fix MOV Video File -Repair Process in progress


Fig 2: Repair Process in progress/p>


Step 4::Once repairing is done, you can preview repaired MOV file by using "Preview"/strong> option.


Fix MOV Video File - Preview  repaired MOV Video File

Fig 3: Preview Repaired mp4 Video File


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Requirements: Windows 2000, Vista,2003,2007,2008

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